~ noreste
anthology ~

“Noreste is the poetry of the day after tomorrow”
- Nicanor Parra

“Noreste anthology” was compiled by Ileana Elordi and published by Ediciones Lastarria with the support of the Chilean National Council of Culture and the Arts.

Founded in Santiago in the mid eighties by Beltrán Mena and Santiago Elordi Noreste was Chile’s first serial poetry journal. It was an anachronism and an anomaly within the Chilean cultural sphere during the dictatorship. Its motto, “The Dangerous Life”, alluded to and, at the same time, turned away from the unavoidable dangers of those years of close surveillance.

With Blaise Cendrars as its mentor, Noreste proposed traveling, dreaming and poetry as a way of subverting those years of lead. It was a hybrid between journalism and literature in which interviews with lmmakers, poets, caretakers of abandoned nitrate elds, and homemade aircraft manufacturers coexisted alongside totally fictitious news.


. los equinoccios
. animales nocturnos
. traducciones chinas 

. noreste
. oro