~ oro ~

Novel published in 2015 by Emecé Planeta Publishing House.

The 2013 edition of Oro was recognized for its carefully contained prose, which is maintained in this new volume revised by the author. Beyond the simple exercise of a girl sending emails addressed to an ex-boyfriend to her own e-mail account, Oro can be read as a series of notes stored in a virtual memory.

Ileana Elordi approaches topics such as the transition from adolescence to adulthood and the emptying of everyday experiences in a diaphanous and unpretentious writing, representing a young woman and the relationship she establishes with her fish called Oro. She represents the folds and reactions of ordinary lives, owing, perhaps, to silence, the unsaid, and the half-washed transparencies of repetition. In this book, which established her as one of the young promises of national literature, Ileana Elordi elaborates fragile memories, such as life inside a fish bowl, and watery, light images, which are so necessary.



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. oro