~ the equinoxes:
erotic poems ~

(publication 2020)


you tell me you want to be
my son / my father / my lover
and everything possible to be

you tell me this - the day of the equinox:
when that we never thought we can know

appears as watermelons in front of our eyes

when our senses are shown
as offerings to a fresh world:
water from our arms, rivers that move us

have you seen the meteorite of fire?
the tropic of water?
the colorful branches of the trees?

slight fire and our favorite word is helium

spring moon on an avocado tree -

rain that still slips between the houses
without realizing
the rivers begin to get faster
and slowly the snow melts



. los equinoccios
. animales nocturnos
. traducciones chinas 

. noreste
. oro